We believe that helping pets and pet-parents is one of the best jobs out there, and we’ve built our company to make sure every team member has a real impact on how we continue to innovate and improve.

If you’re interested in being part of our team, please check out the information below and start a conversation by emailing

What's It Like to Work at Treatwell Pet Care?

Check out the 'reverse job interview' Dr. Mike Mossop did with Melanie Barham of the DVM project in May 2021. The video touches on the inspiration behind Treatwell Pet Care, our culture and much, much more.

Current Job Postings

Tired of traditional clinical practice? Join the Treatwell Pet Care team and do something refreshingly different.

We are looking for a full time DVM (3-4 days/week) to join us in providing an innovative blend of in-home care and telemedicine to the pets and pet-parents of Ottawa. Get to know us better by visiting or by checking out our explainer video. In short though, working in our unique practice means a few things:

  • You'll get to see the light of day on a regular basis
  • Your appointments will be longer (avg. 1 hour) and a lot more relaxed
  • You'll feel better about practicing in the most Fear-Free way possible
  • We will actively be seeking your input on ways to help improve our practice and company

We pride ourselves on being a self-managed company and on being very transparent. This means the position comes with a lot of autonomy and flexibility, and a few characteristics are must-haves:

  • High emotional intelligence
  • Excellent ability to work in small teams
  • Long term vision and the desire to help us improve as a team 

Key Details About the Position

  • Minimum 3-5 years of clinical experience required
  • Salary negotiable based on experience and skill set, but it would be in the range of $100K/year + profit sharing eligibility for a 4 day (32 hour) work week
  • Stock options are available as part of the compensation package for the right candidate

More about the Treatwell Pet Care Culture



Our mission is to make pet-parenting as easy as possible for our clients. Be creative and flexible in coming up with solutions to help in each individual situation.



The Treatwell Pet Care family is a network of self-managed teams providing veterinary care in a way that is convenient for pet-parents, and low stress for pets. By focusing on these aspects of care, we are actually able to achieve better long term health outcomes for our patients


Core Values

Fear Free - We do everything we can to reduce the fear, anxiety and stress of our patients by employing the numerous techniques of Fear Free veterinary medicine. This is not only the most humane and safest way to practice, but also the most effective.

Quality & Convenience - We believe that making high quality, evidenced-based preventive health care easily accessible is the best way to keep pets happy and healthy for the long run, and to nurture the human-animal bond.

Transparency & Respect - We treat our clients as individual people, not just numbers on a spreadsheet. This means personalized care and simple pricing structures with no hidden fees. We also know that our employees are capable adults with their own aspirations and that we can grow as a company by helping them strive to achieve their goals.

Innovation - We believe that embracing technological change and new ways of thinking are the best ways to help us continually improve in all aspects of our work.