Fit the Vet to Your Pet

Treatwell Pet Care membership plans put you in control. They make it easy to fit preventive pet care into your lifestyle. You choose the plan that is right for your pet, we provide easy access to all the information you need to make informed decisions, and we bring the pet care to you.

Choose the Plan That’s Right for You

Our membership plans are offered with convenient, all-inclusive pricing that makes it easier to manage ongoing pet care costs. They include everything you need to provide your dog or cat with excellent preventive health care.

All Treatwell membership plans are billed on a monthly basis, and come with a 12 month commitment. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied after your first in-home consultation. Please visit our FAQ for details.


per month


per month
One in-home consultation and examination every six months
All required vaccinations
Annual fecal testing
Phone, text, email and video chat access to your local veterinary team during regular business hours
24/7 support - Free access to after-hours telehealth
Unlimited access to a variety of pay-per-use services
Personalized home delivery of food, medication, and other products
Up to six months of heartworm and/or intestinal worm preventive medications
Up to 12 months of flea and tick preventive medications
Testing for heartworm and tick-borne disease annually (dogs only)
Testing for FIV/FeLV, as needed (cats only)
Credit of $125 applied annually towards additional lab testing
Courtesy nail trims and/or anal gland expression with any exam
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Puppy and Kitten Starter Packages

Puppies and kittens require additional care to get off to a great start in life, so we also offer a personal care starter plan for pets less than four months of age. These starter packages complement our Essentials and Premium plans for $18.00/month. The starter plan includes:

  • Two in-home consultations over and above those already included with membership
  • All required additional booster vaccinations appropriate for your pet
  • All required additional deworming medications appropriate for your pet
  • Discount of 10% off all food purchases for the first year of membership

Pay-per-use services for existing members

Additional in-home consultations $150.00
Additional follow up in-home consultations (within 30 days of a previous visit) $75.00
Home delivery of food, medication and other products Free for orders over $50, or if paired with an in-home consultation. Otherwise $5 delivery fee applies

Membership Benefits

Stay Informed

We believe preventive care is built on information.

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Stay Informed

We believe preventive care is built on information, so we make it easy for you to get the information you need to make informed decisions that will keep your pet healthy and happy.

Membership includes anytime access to our online patient portal where you can review visit summaries, your pet’s current prescriptions, vaccine certificates, and much more. You can also access reliable information about many conditions, medications, and procedures through the library section.

Connect With Your Vet

Our preventive care goes beyond in-home visits.

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Connect With Your Vet

Our preventive care goes beyond in-home visits to maintain that important connection between you and our vets. Membership includes access to our vets through text messaging, email, and phone calls during business hours.

The Premium Plan also includes one video consultation every six months. Used in conjunction with our regularly scheduled in-home visits, video consultations provide a great way to deal with minor health concerns quickly. Based on a discussion with your veterinarian via video link, we can determine whether it’s appropriate to monitor the situation, have a new prescription delivered, or whether an in-person visit is the best option.

Get 24/7 After-Hours Support

A Treatwell membership also means you’re covered even after we close.

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Get 24/7 After-Hours Support

A Treatwell membership also means you're covered even after we close. If you need help deciding whether or not your pet needs emergency treatment, you can contact Healthy Pets at no charge to speak to a licensed Ontario veterinarian.

Read our blog for more details on how this works.

Shop With Your Pet and Get Personalized Delivery

Membership includes access to our one-stop-shop web store.

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Shop With Your Pet and Get Personalized Delivery

Membership includes access to our one-stop-shop web store where you and your pet can order food, medication, and other products, and arrange for personalized in-home delivery by our pet care team. The web store is an integrated part of the patient portal so merchandise options are cross-referenced with patient records and customized to fit the unique needs of your pet.


Make Pet Care Costs More Predictable

Irregular or infrequent health checks can lead to high costs when health problems accumulate and several tests or treatments are recommended at the same time.

Our membership plans are structured to help you defray the cost of pet care and reduce the risk of this happening. This makes pet parenting expenses more predictable and easier to manage.

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