At home vet checking black and white cat with a stethoscope

Animal Insurance and Your Treatwell Membership

Your Treatwell membership does a great job of keeping your pet healthy through preventive medicine. Unfortunately, accidents and illness can still happen. For this reason, and because the cost of veterinary care is continually rising, we recommend all pet parents carry pet insurance as a complement to their Treatwell plan.

Treatwell for preventive care + Pet Insurance for accidents and illness = Perfect pet parenting

Pet insurance can be a life-saver and it can also help ensure you’re able to make treatment decisions based on what is right for your pet, not based on cost. There are many pet insurance products available in Canada and we will support you regardless of which one you choose.

Trupanion is the only pet-insurance company we are aware of that offers direct billing - this means they pay all eligible costs directly to , and you only have to pay the part of the bill that applies to you (usually 10% + any deductible). Treatwell is not currently set up for this direct pay feature, but we hope to be in future. In the meantime, it's good to know that direct pay is available at all local emergency hospitals for any large, unexpected bills.

Keep in mind there are lots of other good companies out there such as OVMA Pet InsurancePet Secure, and Pets + UsThe most important thing to remember is to make sure you are familiar with the features and limitation of your policy as this can vary quite a bit between both companies and plans.