Euthanasia is derived from the Greek word euthanatos, which means ‘easy death’. Euthanasia does not mean giving up on your pet, instead, it is the kindest, most compassionate gift you can give them.

When Is It Right For Your Pet?

It is normal to feel anxiety and to struggle with making end-of-life decisions for your pet, as it is one of the most difficult decisions you can make as a pet parent. There are tools that can be used to assess a pet’s quality of life, but there is not always a black and white answer to this question.

When a pet is seriously ill or injured, there is a period of time period when euthanasia becomes a valid treatment option. However, this window may vary in length depending on the seriousness of the illness or trauma afflicting your pet.

How Is It Done?

We understand that this will be the last loving thing you will do for your pet, so we do everything we can to make this process as easy as possible.

First we take time to know your pet and make sure that all questions are answered before the procedure is started. A sedative will then be given to your pet to make them very sleepy and unaware. Next, an IV catheter is inserted into one of your pet’s limbs – your pet will be quite sleepy at this time so they will not react to this part of the procedure. The last step is to administer the euthanasia drug into the IV. Pets usually take their last breath shortly after the drug is administered, and the process is very peaceful.

What Happens Next?

Saying goodbye to a pet can be a very distressing time, which is why we are happy to provide resources to help you cope with this challenging time. We also work with Gateway Pet Memorial in order to address any memorial services that are required for your pet.

As euthanasia pricing is a sensitive topic when discussing end-of-life care, we have listed our pricing below to ensure full transparency.

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How Do I Start?

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