X-Ray and Ultrasound for Pets in Ottawa

Fear-free X-rays and ultrasound imaging for your pet. 


 X-Rays imaging uses electromagnetic radiation to give doctors an image of your pet’s interior systems. It is a very effective tool in diagnosing conditions such as bone fractures, organ abnormalities and other injuries and illnesses where symptoms are not easily visible.


Similar to X-rays, Ultrasound is another way to get a look at your pet’s internal organs, however, the way it does so is different. Ultrasounds use soundwaves to create images of your pet’s interior systems. It is mostly used to treat soft tissue conditions as the pet’s bones block the soundwaves. Ultrasound is also considered a safer alternative to X-rays as it does not use radiation, however, your vet will advise you on which imaging method is best for your pet’s needs.

The Treatwell Advantage

Our comprehensive approach to your pet’s health allows us to carry out x-rays and ultrasounds more effectively. Through our in-home visits, we get to know your pet making the process easier and stress-free for both you and your pet. Our connected platform and 24/7 online support make it easy for you to stay up to date on your pet’s health.

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We are building a team of dedicated and talented individuals to help us deliver veterinary care in a way that is better for everyone involved – our patients, our clients, and us.

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