Diagnostic and Laboratory Testing For Pets in Ottawa

All-inclusive diagnostic and laboratory testing for your pet!

Why Testing is Important

Diagnostic testing is very important in order to detect signs of early or otherwise hidden diseases in seemingly healthy pets. Dogs and cats are often very good at masking illnesses and may often present as healthy even when they are very ill. That is why it is important as a pet parent to get your pet tested regularly to ensure they are healthy and to treat illnesses before they become serious.

How it’s Done

Some common tests that are done for pets include blood tests, urine tests, skin and ear swabs, or even sampling masses and other growths. This gives your vet a picture of your pet’s overall health and well-being. These tests will help your vet monitor your pet’s health and ensure that medical issues are detected and corrected early.

The Treatwell Advantage

Our preventative care goes beyond the traditional veterinary experience by offering you in-home care and 24/7 virtual support. Our team is also Fear-Free certified ensuring that the entire process is easy and stress-free for both pets and their pet parents. All of our tests are performed by our team of experts in your home where your pet is most comfortable.

Meet Our Care Team

We are building a team of dedicated and talented individuals to help us deliver veterinary care in a way that is better for everyone involved – our patients, our clients, and us.

How Do I Start?

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