Virtual Care & Telemedicine

Are you unsure if your pet requires treatment, or do you need an answer to a pet health question in a convenient way? Our virtual care services may be right for you!

Telemedicine vs Telehealth

Telemedicine refers to the practice of veterinary medicine when the vet is in a different location than the patient, whereas telehealth is a tool by which you can gain more general information to better understand your pet’s health. Telemedicine can be used by a licensed vet in order to diagnose, treat and prescribe medicines for your pet, while telehealth cannot.

The Treatwell Member Benefit

All Treatwell members have free access to our after-hours telehealth services. At Treatwell, we offer the best of both worlds! Our telemedicine services make treatment easily accessible for your pets during working hours, while our telehealth offerings can answer any pressing concerns about your pet you have overnight or on the weekend.
However, if you know that your pet is in immediate crisis, we recommend you call or drive directly to your local emergency clinic as soon as possible.

How Our Telehealth Benefit Works

  • If it’s after-hours and you’re unsure whether or not your pet needs medical attention call the Smart.Vet Registered Veterinary Technician triage line at (647) 695-5411.
  • Based on your case, Smart. Vet may recommend you speak to us on the next business day, visit an emergency veterinary clinic (which they will help coordinate), or may suggest you speak with an online veterinarian.
  • You may be charged a consultation fee if you speak with an online vet. But, these fees are fully covered under your Treatwell membership plan.
  • After your call is completed, just send us an electronic copy of your receipt and we will take care of reimbursing the costs.

Meet Our Care Team

We are building a team of dedicated and talented individuals to help us deliver veterinary care in a way that is better for everyone involved – our patients, our clients, and us.

How Do I Start?

Request an Online or In-Person Consultation

Have more questions about virtual care and telemedicine? Contact us and we’d be happy to help you make an informed decision for you and your pet.