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Reduce Pet Anxiety During Halloween With These Tips

  Who doesn’t love Hallow’s Eve, candy, costumes and fun? For the most part we all do, but as pet-parents we also need to keep our furry family members in mind to make sure they enjoy a happy and safe night too. Treats, not tricks Doorbells and commotion are part of the fun for us, but some pets can become

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Behind the Scenes of a Mobile Vet Start-Up

Treatwell Pet Care and the Mobile Veterinary Services of Ottawa are now up and running, and we’re very happy to finally be able to serve the pets and people of our community! So what does starting a mobile vet practice look like? Well, we recently found out it involves countless tasks, hours of hard work and, of course, inevitable bumps

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Emergency & Specialty Veterinary Services in Ottawa

  Due to the nature of in-home care, Treatwell and the Mobile Veterinary Services of Ottawa are not always able to provide the treatment your pet might require in a serious emergency, but we are able to deal with many minor emergencies in the comfort of your own home. We also refer to local specialist when it will benefit our

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Animal Insurance and Your Treatwell Membership

Your Treatwell membership does a great job of keeping your pet healthy through preventive medicine. Unfortunately, accidents and illness can still happen. For this reason, and because the cost of veterinary care is continually rising, we recommend all pet parents carry pet insurance as a complement to their Treatwell plan. Pet insurance can be a life-saver and it can also